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MKV v MP4: Which is better for you?

It’s not a secret, the world of video technology looms largely in the shadows of back-end development. In this shadowy realm, there is a constant battle amongst developers to find and implement the highest quality and lowest file size video format container. In this article, we cover the history, definitions, and outlook of these containers…

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ICYMI – DRM Security and Protection Week Displays Best Industry-Wide Anti-Piracy Practices

As anyone involved in the video workflow development process might tell you, getting high-quality content to prospective consumers is not an easy build and requires many input factors. Some of the oft-overlooked and possibly more complex factors are the content protection measures that ensure the video isn’t being pirated. According to our 2020 Video Developer…

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Cloud-agnostic encoding solutions for Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos

Growing demand for elevated viewing experiences at home Over the course of the past few years, consumers, video content providers, and electronic device producers alike have been pushing the boundaries of what each considers a higher quality of viewer experience; Ranging from the user-friendliness of an application to improved content recommendations to the highest resolution…

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How to Trust Your Player #3: How to Secure Your Content in Challenging Streaming Environments

Tips and Tricks: Building an OTT Service for Today’s World Piracy occurs at all levels of video streaming, from illegal downloads to screen captures. How can an OTT provider overcome these issues? Fortunately, there’s a good answer: with a mixed balance of back-end solutions including digital rights management (DRM), watermarking, and/or client-hardening. As a part…

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