How live streaming operators can meet the demand for the best viewing experiences with the Bitmovin and Videon solution

Paul Macklin
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live streaming - Bitmovin

The growth of live streaming has seen a major uptick in content and viewer numbers, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The rise clearly extends to the types of live streaming experiences that viewers can access, which led us to ask ourselves three key questions:

  • What do live streaming operators need?
  • What can make live streaming for the operator easier or better?
  • How can we improve costs, workflows and reliability?

These questions are why we partnered with Videon; our combined expertise in video streaming and hybrid:cloud workflows, utilizing edge computing at the point-of-production,has fuelled an ambition to deliver live streaming experiences that offer a new standard of reliability, quality, ease of use and cost-effectiveness to operators. The result? An easy-to-use hybrid:cloud solution, deploying a Videon Compute Platform on premises that can be quickly configured to send content to the Bitmovin Live Event Encoder for distribution to digital platforms using HLS and DASH.

live streaming - Bitmovin

We’re excited, and you should be too! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about what we’ve built with Videon. You can also watch a webinar recording hosted by Videon that features our very own Paul Macklin, Senior Product Manager for our Live Encoding Solution.

The challenges that live streaming operators face right now

When it comes to live streaming, the immediate challenges include:   

  • Limited reliability due to running live streams on a single laptop and using open-source tools 
  • Using a basic encoder for an advanced use case, requiring a complicated chain of equipment, which increases the risk of downtime through multiple single points of failure (branding, content protection, video and audio filters, etc.)
  • Having a physical setup which is a challenge to fire up quickly and pack down efficiently.

Operators are facing the challenge of questionable levels of reliability, complex workflows, processes that do not scale and lack of flexibility not only with the workflow but with the actual physical setup.

How to make live streaming (and your life) easier

To put it simply, our partnership with Videon makes things easier for you. Our collaboration makes it possible for an end-to-end solution that supports single input or highly resilient dual input and 1+1 architectures for live streaming video operators of almost all levels of experience.  You will find our partnership useful if:

  • You are running OBS on a laptop with complex workflows that cannot easily scale and you have felt the need to upgrade to using a single-purpose device that is pre-configured and ready to use out of the box
  • You are currently unable to get your signal to the cloud and need an on-premise solution that is built for purpose
  • You want an end-to-end solution that gets your signal into the cloud and provides additional tools for stream Playback and performance tracking (The Bitmovin Player and Analytics solutions)

It is abundantly clear to us that there are a variety of use cases and types of companies that can benefit from our joint solution with Videon.  For example, suppose you’re working for a large-scale broadcaster/media outlet and companies with 24/7 live distribution of video content, you will see the need for a bank of on-premise devices that bring redundancy options and allow for dual inputs. Using our joint solution with Videon can provide all of that in a cost-effective way. The additional use case is anchored to the type of business that needs a simple, trustworthy, small form factor solution that can be set up and packed down quickly, in addition to being cost-effective. 

Why our joint solution is perfect for you

So if you’ve made it this far, the chances are that our joint solution is the right one for you, but just in case you need any further convincing, let me reiterate how you will benefit:

  1. You can easily deliver live content at the highest quality with an easy-to-use pre-configured solution
  2. We will ensure your streams are underpinned by reliable technology
  3. It’s a complete end-to-end solution! You get an on-prem solution with our cloud-based Live Event Encoder, plus our industry-leading video Player and Analytics! 

How to get started

If you would like to connect with a live video expert and learn more about the end-to-end solution, email [email protected]. To read more about the partnership, check out the announcement and to find more about Videon, go here

Paul Macklin

Paul Macklin

Sr. Product Manager | Live Encoding

Paul Macklin is the Senior Product Manager for the Bitmovin Live Encoder. An experienced product professional and specialist with video and SaaS products. With a background in broadcast engineering, he has worked in solutions architect roles as a customer and has extensive experience in pre-sales roles with suppliers. He has worked with live media content throughout his career. Paul focuses on developing Bitmovin's live streaming capabilities and ensuring better viewer experiences during live playback.

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