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Efficiently Predicting Quality with ATHENA’s Video Complexity Analyzer (VCA) project

For online prediction in live streaming applications, selecting low-complexity features is critical to ensure low-latency video streaming without disruptions. For each frame/ video/ video segment, two features, i.e., the average texture energy and the average gradient of the texture energy are determined. A DCT-based energy function is introduced to determine the block-wise texture of each…

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Bitmovin Improves Support AV1 Video Encoding for VoD

**Updated in March 2022** Since 2017, Bitmovin has actively worked in video and streaming standardization and has consistently driven standards from inception to implementation. Our founders co-created the MPEG-DASH streaming standard used by Netflix, YouTube, and many others, which is responsible for over 50% of peak U.S. internet traffic. Given our encoding, virtualization, and codec…

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Bitmovin Stream Lab – A New Approach to Device Testing, Support and Playback

Launching & managing a streaming service in today’s market can be a bit overwhelming and I know right now you’re saying “Duh Adam, thanks for the groundbreaking opinion” but it’s not for the reasons you would normally think – workflow. It’s actually about the number of devices you and your team have the capability of…

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