High-end Adaptive Video Streaming

Bitmovin improves video quality on the web with three state of the art products. The Bitmovin Cloud Encoder: This cloud service encodes normal video files into adaptive MPEG-DASH and HLS files on a scalable platform. The Bitmovin Video Player: This easy to install Video Player runs native in HTML5 and streams video with fast start up and no buffering. The Bitmovin Analytics: Realtime analytics with a powerful, flexible API. See the data you need to see, and present it the way your team needs it.

MPEG-DASH vs. Apple HLS vs. Microsoft Smooth Streaming vs. Adobe HDS

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All existing adaptive HTTP streaming technologies, such as the proprietary Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Apple […]

Sonostream.tv Uses Bitmovin Live-Streaming

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Live-Transcoding, Live-Streaming and Video-Playback in Full HD Sonostream.tv is a web platform which offers live […]

Meet us at NAB Show in Las Vegas

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We will be exhibiting at NAB Show in Las Vegas, US from April 11-16. We […]

MPEG-DASH Browser Support and Device Compatibility

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Due to superior browser support and device compatibility, MPEG-DASH is quickly becoming the industry’s preferred adaptive […]

MPEG-DASH and HLS 4K Transcoding

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First of all, I am using the word “transcoding” in this article instead of “encoding”. You […]

Cloud transcoding for adaptive video

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Bitmovin is the future of video cloud transcoding, providing a high performance cloud-service to transcode multimedia […]

Choosing the Right Video Bitrate for Streaming HLS and DASH

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Video Bitrates for Streaming Choosing an appropriate streaming bitrate for a specific resolution, while maintaining an […]

Meet us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

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We will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from March 2-5. We […]

Why YouTube & Netflix use MPEG-DASH in HTML5

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The recent news that YouTube has chosen HTML5 as their default playback option – rather than Flash […]

Successful Demonstrations in Hasselt

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In the context of the EU FP7 ICoSOLE Project, Bitmovin was part of the demonstration session in Hasselt, Belgium. […]

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