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High-end Adaptive Video Streaming

Bitmovin improves video quality on the web with three state of the art products. The Bitmovin Cloud Encoder: This cloud service encodes normal video files into adaptive MPEG-DASH and HLS files on a scalable platform. The Bitmovin Video Player: This easy to install Video Player runs native in HTML5 and streams video with fast start up and no buffering. The Bitmovin Analytics: Realtime analytics with a powerful, flexible API. See the data you need to see, and present it the way your team needs it.

API Update – Closed Captioning, Video with Multiple Audio Tracks and More

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Closed Captioning Closed captioning is the process of adding text to to video files allowing the user […]

Android Streaming Media Player App

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Build a Mediaplayer App for Android The Bitmovin Android streaming media player (bitmovin App) is an […]

The Video Problem: 3 Reasons Why Users Leave a Website with Badly Implemented Video

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Why Video Dominates the Internet Video is ubiquitous on the internet and everybody knows that. […]

bitdash 3.1 Introduces Timeshift

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Please note: As of January 2016 we are now referring to bitdash as the Bitmovin […]

24/7 Music Video Live Streaming Service uses Bitmovin

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Kronehit Livestream Following a successful live-streaming deployment around its 2-day continuous fundraising event, KRONEHIT, Austria’s […]

HLS Encryption through Bitmovins Cloud Encoding Service

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HLS Encryption Bitmovin supports HLS encryption with AES-128 and SAMPLE-AES now. Bitmovin already supports DRM for MPEG-DASH […]

PlayReady DRM Now Compatible with Bitmovin

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PlayReady MPEG-DASH Bitmovin now supports PlayReady DRM with MPEG Common Encryption (MPEG-CENC) for MPEG-DASH streams. A […]

Scalable Cloud Video Encoding in the Google Infrastructure

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Cloud Encoding with Bitmovin and Google Bitmovin is utilizing Google infrastructure to provide cloud video encoding 100x […]

Meet us at IBC in Amsterdam

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At IBC we will be showcasing fastest transcoding in the cloud and high quality MPEG-DASH/HLS online […]

Same-Origin Policy, CORS & crossdomain.xml – What you Need to Know

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Nearly everyone, who works with video streaming will sooner or later face CORS & crossdomain.xml. But […]

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