Webinar Recap: Per-Title Encoding Netflix-Style Optimization for Quality and CDN Costs

Tanya Vernitsky
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In a recent webinar, Bitmovin Product Manager Daniel Hölbling-Inzko spoke with our Developer Experience Manager Kieran Farr about using Per-Title Encoding optimization to achieve 200% better video quality while reducing delivery costs.

Publishers and platforms with diverse content libraries have a big challenge – how to encode all this content to optimize for quality without increasing delivery and storage costs. In this webinar, Daniel Hölbling-Inzko talks about three common methods of solving this challenge and why per-title encoding could be a really good solution. Daniel then describes how per-title encoding works, looks at the real-world examples and takes live questions from the listeners.
When we consider different types of content, we can generally separate it into high and low complexity. Large degree of motion, lights, large gatherings, panning cameras, fireworks and other busy scenes make for high complexity content. Compare these to cartoons, talking news heads or romantic sunsets where very little changes, at least visually, from frame to frame, make for low complexity content. This helps us understand that there’s a large diversity within content libraries and since every piece of content is different it begs the question — why would we be using the same bitrate ladder for every video we encode, if those videos are so different? That is what brings us to the idea of flexible encoding ladders and per-title encoding.
Watch the full webinar to learn how adding per-title optimization to your encoding ensures you always create the ultimate profile for every title, encoding in a quality users can actually enjoy, but not more!

Tanya Vernitsky

Tanya Vernitsky

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