An Overview on Bitmovin’s Analytics

Join Adam and Lucky to learn more about Bitmovin’s analytics solution, taking a look at the dashboards and APIs with access to over 200 data points.

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Elevate and enhance your viewers’ experience with deep insights from Bitmovin’s Analytics. In this webinar, you will learn about Bitmovin’s stand-alone video Analytics solution and go into a deep dive into our dashboard and APIs, where you can access over 200 data points and filters in real time on:

  • Audience engagement
  • Quality of experience
  • Error Tracking (Network Explorer)
  • Ad performance

Additionally, you’ll see how anyone can view and optimize performance with our AI Analytics Interpreter, which clarifies how to define the analytics you’re seeing and what you can do with them. Learn how you can empower your data and maximize the streaming experience for your viewers.


Adam Massaro

Adam Massaro

Product Marketing Manager at Bitmovin

analytics - Bitmovin

Lucky Goyal

Solutions Architect at Bitmovin

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