How to get the most revenue with live streams and monitor them in real-time

Join James and Tim for expert insights into how you can maximize revenue with live streams and optimize playback quality with robust analytics.

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Learn how to set up the Ant Media <> Bitmovin video analytics plugin to enhance your stream’s quality, make informed cost decisions, and optimize monetization.

We’ll cover:

■ How to rapidly deploy and scale a high-impact video streaming service

■ Which factors are essential for boosting revenue while streaming

■ What are the real-time metrics that are important for live streaming

■ How to optimize your stream for a better viewing experience and identify errors quickly

Also, we will be showing a live demo and showcasing how to create an autoscaling video streaming service in 5 minutes.


- Bitmovin

James Holding

Head of Global Integrations & Operations at Bitmovin

- Bitmovin

Tim Bobker

Technical Support Engineer at Ant Media

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