AV1 break-even calculator

Calculate the break-even point for AV1 encoding

The purpose of this calculator is to estimate the AV1 break-even point: How many views does it take to make up for the cost of using AV1 in addition to H.264 or H.265?


Note: These are price point values that may be different for different customers.

Break-even point – H.264+AV1 vs H.264 only
Break-even point – H.265+AV1 vs H.265 only

Starting from these numbers of views, supplementing encodings with AV1 becomes more profitable than the respective codec alone.

For ease of comparison this calculator uses a fixed ladder. We recommend to use Per-Title as it can help reduce the break-even point further. It will optimize each ladder individually, usually resulting in a reduced number of renditions for more advanced codecs, hence reduced encoding and storage costs compared to a fixed ladder.

Calculation multipliers

These are the multipliers and factors used in our calculation. They are based on the Bitmovin Encoding Minute Calculation Methodology.

Resolution factors
1 2 4
Feature factors
Codec factors
H.264 H.265 AV1
1 2 4
Efficiency improvements
AV1 over H.264 AV1 over H.265
50% 30%
  1. For the break-even point calculation we calculated the number of views such as: ([views] * [H.26X CDN delivery cost]) + [H.26X encoding cost] is equal to ([views] * [AV1 CDN delivery cost]) + [H.26X encoding cost] + [AV1 encoding cost]

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