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Bitdash is now known as The Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player

bitdash to bitmovin branding

Looking for the Bitdash player?

Bitdash is now known as The Bitmovin HTML5 Player.

In 2016 we made some changes to the way we communicate our brand and our products. Bitdash is a well known HTML5 adaptive streaming player, and you used to find it on our product website at In order to simplify our message we have consolidated all our products under our main brand, Bitmovin.

We now refer to Bitdash as the Bitmovin HTML5 Player

Why the Change from Bitdash to Bitmovin?

Our company has always been called Bitmovin. In 2014 and 2015 we launched two products. Bitcodin, our cloud encoding service, and Bitdash, our HTML5 Adaptive Streaming Player. At the same time we launched two new websites; and

To simplify our message we have merged both products and websites into our main brand, Bitmovin.

Rather than the two separate product websites, you can now find our products on our product pages:

 Apart from that, and a New Logo, Nothing has Changed.

  • our Player still has the fastest start up
  • our player avoids buffering, so your visitors never need to wait for video
  • no plugins
  • DRM support
  • Virtual Reality and 360° video enabled

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Gerald Zankl is the Director of Sales for EMEA at Bitmovin, a company that provides cutting-edge online streaming solutions for high-quality adaptive bitrate video, with a focus on MPEG-DASH & HLS. Mr. Zankl's experience in sales and marketing includes positions with a variety of international companies including Atos and Infineon. He joined Bitmovin as Sales and Marketing Manager in 2014. His focus is on Enterprise Sales with direct selling efforts to media companies, system integrators and broadcasters. He is also leading the team for international demand generation and is responsible for sales development activities. 

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