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Bitmovin Live and VOD Encoding now available in Google Cloud Marketplace via Private Offer

Brandon Zupancic
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google cloud marketplace - Bitmovin

In the ever-evolving world of technology and video streaming, staying ahead of the game is essential. That’s why we’re excited to share a significant announcement that promises to transform the way you handle and optimize your content. Bitmovin’s Emmy Award® winning VOD Encoding and Live Encoding Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) via Private Offer in the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media & Entertainment and Gaming Partnerships, said: “Google Cloud Marketplace is the go-to destination for our customers and partners to deploy new solutions. Oursolutions on, and our private offer functionality provides greater flexibility and deal-making capabilities. It’s fantastic to see Bitmovin introducing private offers for its live and VOD encoding solutions, making its industry-leading technologies even more accessible to Google Cloud Marketplace customers.”

Let’s take a closer look at the announcement and its potential benefit. Our VOD & Live Encoding SaaS products are now available through Google Cloud Marketplace. Here’s how this can reshape your approach to streaming.

Google Cloud Marketplace and Private Offers

Google Cloud Marketplace enables the rapid deployment of fully functional software packages that operate seamlessly on Google Cloud or as a multi-tenancy running in Bitmovin’s account. The benefits of buying from Google Cloud Marketplace is that this allows you to agree terms that suit your specific need including details such payment terms and contract durations. Buying via the Google Cloud Marketplace helps to simplify and shorten the procurement process whilst reducing committed spend by purchasing from the marketplace and receiving one single bill from Google.

VOD Encoding: Elevating Content Quality

Ensuring outstanding content quality is no longer a challenge. Our Next-Generation VOD Encoder boasts features like multi-codec streaming (including AV1), Per-Title and Per-Shot optimizations, 8K, and multi-HDR support. This means your audience can enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience.

Live Encoding: Seamlessly Streaming Live Content

Building upon our renowned VOD Encoder, the Live Encoder introduces a robust live video streaming software platform. It smoothly converts inputs from RTMP, SRT, or Zixi to outputs in HLS and DASH formats, ensuring seamless delivery to digital streaming services.

Industry-Leading Technology: Enhancing Viewer Satisfaction

In a world of diverse devices, delivering a consistent viewer experience is paramount. Bitmovin’s intelligently optimized adaptive bitrate renditions (ABR) guarantee uninterrupted streaming, regardless of the device or connectivity. From low-connectivity environments to high-performance devices, we’ve got you covered.

Efficiency and Cost Savings: Simplifying Your Workflow

Bid farewell to manual configurations. Our VOD & Live SaaS Encoding do the heavy lifting for you. With a decade of expertise in the streaming industry, we automatically apply all necessary parameters and optimizations, saving you time and reducing cloud compute, storage, and CDN distribution costs. You can provide top-quality videos while efficiently managing your streaming expenses.

But that’s not all. Our journey continues as we plan to make our Player and Analytics products available through the Google Cloud Marketplace. Stay tuned for early access and a growing partnership with Google Cloud.

The future of video streaming is here, thanks to Bitmovin’s presence on Google Cloud Marketplace. Elevate your streaming approach, redefine quality, and streamline your workflow in ways you never thought possible. Discover the Bitmovin products and access the advanced Bitmovin workflows, get started on Google Cloud Marketplace today!

Brandon Zupancic

Brandon Zupancic

Brandon Zupancic is the Head of Alliances at Bitmovin and is passionate about making it easy for customers to introduce and expand the use of streaming video with Bitmovin and our partners.

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