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Video Analytics Alerts: Impactful business notifications for reactive individuals

Actionable insights for reactive users Across all walks of life and varieties of business, teams, or individuals, humans can be categorized into two types of people – proactive or reactive. I found that these categories are just as applicable for Analytics vendors through discussions with my product peers for Analytics-oriented tools. Much like their general…

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Metrics That Matter: Top-Down Error Reporting

The OTT and video streaming industry is a fast-paced environment with countless variables that can and will affect your performance, viewer experience, and bottom-line. Perhaps most commonly – a video streaming platform might get hit with an unexpectedly viral piece of content, from breaking news to user-generated content (consider any trending “video challenge”) to a…

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Product Updates

Encoding Excellence: Reducing Redundancy with Bitmovin’s Video Bitrate Heatmap

In our content-driven world – it’s of utmost importance to deliver consistent and high-quality content within reasonable budget limitations. A factor that most content creators and distributors may not consider is the high price potential of encoding. When uploading a video, it’s encoded into a collection of renditions, each suitable for a typical range of…

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Machine Learning-based Object Detection

Increase click-rates and make your content more attractive to your viewers Today, the most common way of creating thumbnails and sprites for videos involves selecting frames based on fixed time segments: for example, creating sprites by selecting a frame every 10 seconds or creating a thumbnail by selecting a frame 30 seconds from the start…

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