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Android Streaming Media Player App

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September 25th, 2015

Build a Mediaplayer App for Android

mediaplayer androidThe Bitmovin Android streaming media player (bitmovin App) is an example based on ExoPlayer that connects with your Bitmovin account, shows your encodings, and lets you stream these encodings to your Android mobile. It can be easily modified to build your own Android application using MPEG-DASH encodings from Bitmovin. These encodings allow for fast startup, no buffering and can be played back in the highest quality. You can find the source code on GitHub.

MPEG-DASH Mediaplayer Android

Android supports MPEG-DASH through the ExoPlayer project, which is an open source alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer. It utilizes the MediaExtractor and MediaCodec of Android to provide features that are currently not supported by MediaPlayer. The ExoPlayer project is also easy to extend and customize and can be updated through the Play Store.

How it Works

Bitmovins streaming media player for Android

Just download Bitmovin’s bitcodin App through the Google Play store. After the installation you will see the login screen where you have to enter your account credentials. The application uses the Bitmovin Java API client for the communication with the Bitmovin encoding backend. You can browse through your encodings and select one through the bar on the left. After selecting the encoding, it will be streamed directly to your mobile using MPEG-DASH. The source code of the application is available on GitHub, bitcodin Android Example source code.

With Bitmovin you can setup a Netflix like streaming system in just a few minutes. Encode your content using Bitmovin’s implementation of the MPEG-DASH standard providing you with best possible quality adaptive streaming. Together with this example, which is a perfect starting point for your Android MPEG-DASH streaming application, you can build a streaming platform in just a few steps. If you need any help just contact our support team. We are happy to help.

Encode MPEG-DASH for Android

If you want to encode MPEG-DASH you can use our Bitmovin encoding service that offers a free plan with 2.5GB encoding output per month. That’s great for testing MPEG-DASH and generating some content to play on Android!