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Keep your costs in check

Stay competitive in the ever evolving streaming video space by optimizing your business operations, reduce risk and increase margins and ROI.

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How to compete in a crowded market

Streaming services with a sustainable business model – regardless of the monetization model – need to employ reasonable economics on a per-viewer basis, keeping costs in check while scaling the business. A common infrastructure layer with technologies on top increases business efficiency while at the same time reducing operational costs.

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Operational efficiency requires measurements

Companies now, more than ever, rely on data to gather insights on ways to improve efficiencies in their video workflows. The key to success is to leverage this data not only to highlight inefficiencies but more so to improve workflows on a continuous basis. Our team of experts can guide your company through this process to see where changes can be made to improve efficiency.

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Leveraging API-based services

The DIY approach many companies use is not necessarily a recipe for success. API-based services offer a wealth of advantages over more ad-hoc approaches and can be integrated and adapted swiftly based on customer needs. If your engineering resources are more focused on maintenance and support than on new features and innovation, we should talk. Contact us for how our API based software solutions can level-up your video workflows.


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“When working with video content from varying sources that needs to be published online (live, near-live or on-demand content), every workflow, metadata layer and media processing step adds time and complexity getting content to the audience. By combining the Ooyala Flex Media Platform and the Bitmovin solutions we have been able to reduce complexity and issues, optimising inefficient steps while successfully accelerating our online delivery workflows.”
Quanah McBride Head of Digital Media Operations, The National Rugby League
“We are a multi-vendor System Integrator specializing in communications, broadcasting and sound, and we have developed multi-screen OTT in the most important field in recent years. Thanks to the fact that Bitmovin encoding has been adopted in “Hulu” online distribution service in Japan with great cooperation and support from “PLAY”. I believe that all of Bitmovin’s latest technologies such as Per-Title, 3-Pass and Multi-travel will contribute to improving service quality and reducing operating costs.”
Kenji Tsuchiya President and CEO “ICS”
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