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How to set up Bitmovin Video Player on Chromecast

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In the day and age of online streaming, Google Chromecast is probably the most affordable […]

HTML5 Guide for Broadcasters: DRM and Advertising in a Flash-Less World

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Steve Jobs was the first to announce Adobe Flash’s impending doom during the reveal of […]

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming – Bitmovin, Fastly and Google Cloud Storage

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In combination with Fastly and Google Cloud Storage we are now able to deliver an […]

Firefox HLS and MPEG-DASH Support with Bitmovin

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As one of the major browsers, Firefox officially released its support for the MSE in […]

Medientage Munich 2014 – Looking Back

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by Gerald Zankl, Sales & Marketing Bitmovin. The Medientage Munich took place from October 22-24, […]

Bitmovin Hackathon, August 2014

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At the end of August, Bitmovin’s first company internal hackathon took place over two days, […]