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Streams WordPress Plugin

Implement Streams instantly on your WordPress website with our dedicated Plugin.

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Download Streams from the
WordPress marketplace

Just install and activate our plugin on your website, provide your API key and you are all set to launch.

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Upload video directly on WordPress

Upload video content directly from your WordPress web or blog page. Simply create a new page and once on it, open the active publishing blocks you have available on your WordPress backend and upload your video.

It will immediately start encoding that file to make it available for streaming and you can then save the webpage with your content now embedded on it.

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Make Streams available to
your audience instantly

Your video content will be able to be streamed instantly once it is done encoding. Preview how your player and content look and feel while streaming, and then make it available to your viewers by publishing your new page.

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Uploading on-demand content

Upload your content library and get streaming in seconds.
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Personalize your video Player experience

Customize your video player to showcase your brand and unique experience on your platform.
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Embed, share & stream your content

Share your content with viewers instantly or embed directly on your platform.
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Streams video analytics

Get in-depth real-time insights into quality and audience viewing metrics for your streams.
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Stream securely with content protection

Securely stream your live and on-demand video seamlessly and control who is able to view it.
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Simplify your workflow and get streaming now

Find out how Streams can help make streaming easier for you and
your team with a no obligation 30-day trial.