Leveraging CMCD for Media Workflows

Join Igor, Tobias, Will & Brenton as they discuss how CMCD works and what it means for your user’s experience.

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When it comes to delivering a better streaming experience for your viewers, utilizing Common Media Client Data (CMCD) within your streaming workflow to quickly transfer data from your Player to your CDN means your development team can:

  • Improve error detection
  • Streamline log file analysis
  • Enhance collaboration with your CDN 
  • Cut costs through optimized workflows

Check out this Webinar with our partners from G & L, Akamai, and Touchstream as we go into how CMCD works, what it means for your user’s experience, why you should tie together Player, CDN, and QoE metrics, and more! view it now!


cmcd - Bitmovin

Head of Strategic Growth and Chief Architect at Bitmovin

cmcd - Bitmovin

Tobias Drees

Senior Executive Streamologist at G&L

cmcd - Bitmovin

Will Law

Chief Architect, Cloud Technology Group at Akamai

cmcd - Bitmovin

Brenton Ough

CEO & Co-Founder at Touchstream


Akamai CMCD G&L

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