Advertising Solutions

Video Monetization with the Bitmovin Video Player & Encoding Service

  • Works with any ad server
  • Player- and server-side advertising solutions
  • Cross-platform support: web, mobile and OTT

Bitmovin Advertising Solutions work with all common advertising standards supported by ad servers, like VAST, VPAID, IMA and VMAP

Server-Side Ad Insertion

Improve your video service monetization by getting your ads past Ad Blockers with Server-Side Ad Insertion in Bitmovin Player

Is SSAI the right solution for your digital revenue strategy?

By successfully implementing SSAI, publishers can see revenue increases of up to 30%. Learn how and when to use Server-Side Ad Insertion

Advertising in Bitmovin Player & Native Player SDKs

We know the challenges and the amount of work required to effectively monetize your video content across all platforms. Our iOS and Android Native SDKs extend the Bitmovin Web Player capabilities to mobile apps, so you can benefit from single configuration and easy modifications across all players

Compare advertising capabilities in the Bitmovin HTML5 Player and Native Player SDKs

Player Advertising Capabilities





Ad Tag Formats (VAST, IMA)

Ad Scheduling (JSON, VMAP, Dashboard)

Pre-, mid-, post-roll

Ad Skipping

Ad Waterfalling

Ad Pods

Overlay Ads



Companion Ads

Advertising for Live Video

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