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Telco & Cable

Easily deploy, monetize, stream in the highest quality and scale our enterprise solution to meet your workflow needs while reaching your audience across every major device and platform on the market.


  • telco,cable - Bitmovin
  • telco,cable - Bitmovin
telco,cable - Bitmovin

Deliver the highest quality of experience

Deliver the ultimate viewing experience regionally and globally with our industry-leading solutions enabling you to reach audiences on every device.

telco,cable - Bitmovin

Ease-of-use and scalability

Set up, deploy and stream your live and on-demand video seamlessly with our robust services that effortlessly scale to your growing need.

telco,cable - Bitmovin

Stream and monitor
real-time metrics

Stream across any device and view real-time audience metrics that help you ensure greater viewer engagement and retention.

Enhance your user experience with
unrivaled live and on-demand streaming video

Harness the power of Bitmovin’s technology to optimize your video streaming workflow to its fullest potential. With our Per-Title and smart chunking capabilities, you can dramatically reduce costs associated with storage and CDN delivery while seamlessly deploying, monetizing and streaming your content in superior quality, reaching a regional or gloabl audience across every major device and platform. Bitmovin’s solutions helps you scale easily to meet your workflow needs, maximize revenue opportunities and give you the tools your development team needs to deploy and launch the best streaming service out there.

Features for every telco & cable workflow

telco,cable - Bitmovin

Per-Title &
3-Pass Encoding

Record live streams and quickly encode it with with Bitmovin’s Per-title algorithm, helping you save significantly on storage and delivery cost, while maintaining the same visual quality as traditional encoding.

telco,cable - Bitmovin

Live event streaming

The Live Encoder is a resilient live streaming software platform that takes RTMP, SRT or Zixi inputs and outputs to HLS and DASH for delivery to digital streaming services.

telco,cable - Bitmovin

Content Security

Easily secure content with token authentication, multi-DRM and watermarking integrations for advanced encryption, keeping streams accessible on any device.

telco,cable - Bitmovin

Customizable Video Player

With over 32 modules, customize Bitmovin’s player to your needs and create a unique viewing experience for you users as they engage with your content.

telco,cable - Bitmovin

Developer-Friendly SDKs & APIs

Reach a larger audience through our complete SDKs for each device and provide the features they need with our highly detailed API documentation.

telco,cable - Bitmovin


Gain access to actionable and granular user insights. Maximize streaming quality through unparalleled data on user behavior, content performance, and advertising effectiveness.

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