Per-Scene Adaptation

Save up to 30% on CDN costs and improve QoE with Per-Scene Adaptation

Per-Scene Adaptation can dramatically reduce bandwidth usage by selecting segments to match the human eye, rather than bandwidth.

  • Save up to 30% on Bandwidth costs (Average 5-15% savings)
  • Increased user experience with higher quality video
  • Avoid stalls by predicting high bitrate scenes

Delivered Bitrate (kbps)


Buffer Start: 0.00 Requested Data: 0.00 MB
Buffer End: 0.00 Delivered Data (QOS): 0.00 MB
Cost Reduction*: 0.00 USD Bandwidth Saving: 0.00 MB (0.00%)
* assuming 1,000,000 Views and 0.025 USD Distribution Cost per GB

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