HLS fragmented MP4

The Bitmovin Player fully supports fragmented MP4 in HLS

This demo showcases HLS content using fragmented MP4 (fMP4) being played by the Bitmovin Player, bringing you the advantage of reducing storage cost by sharing the encoded segment between the HLS and the DASH manifest, which is supported by Bitmovin’s encoding service.

This demo will work on Mac, iOS 10 and above, and for PC users in all recent browser versions of e.g., Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.
const conf = {
  key: '<YOUR PLAYER KEY>'

var source = {
  hls: 'https://cdn.bitmovin.com/content/assets/art-of-motion-dash-hls-progressive/m3u8s-fmp4/f08e80da-bf1d-4e3d-8899-f0f6155f6efa.m3u8',
  poster: 'https://cdn.bitmovin.com/content/assets/art-of-motion-dash-hls-progressive/poster.jpg'

var playerContainer = document.getElementById('player-container');
var player = new bitmovin.player.Player(playerContainer, conf);


Find out more about HLS with fragmented MP4 in our blog post.

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