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Send CMCD data from Player to CDN

This demo showcases how Common Media Client Data (CMCD) can be sent by the Player to a CDN.

  • Troubleshoot errors and find root causes faster. CMCD makes Player sessions visible in CDN logs so you can trace error sessions through the Player and CDN to find the root cause. Faster issue resolution reduces the cost of streaming errors for your business.
    • Add Bitmovin Analytics to turbocharge your customer support. Pinpoint error sessions rapidly and use the common Analytics Session ID with CMCD to trace the session through your infrastructure, from Analytics to Player to CDN.
  • Combine Player and CDN logs with common session & content identifiers. Improve your operational monitoring by giving a clearer view of content requests from Player and how those are handled by the CDN.
  • Improve quality of experience and reduce rebuffering by enabling pre-fetching. Through CMCD the CDN is aware of the Player’s current state and the content it most likely needs next, this allows the CDN to prepare and deliver data the Player needs faster, reducing the time your viewers are waiting.
CDN logs including CMCD from the Player (CMCD data highlighted in blue)
It can take approximately 30 seconds to receive CDN logs from Akamai, please bear with us
Intelligent pre-fetching
- Bitmovin

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