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About ClassPass

Founded in 2013, ClassPass is the leading membership to the world’s largest fitness network. With over 12,000 partners in 55 cities worldwide, ClassPass connects members to a variety of fitness experiences. In March 2018, the company launched ClassPass Live, a live-streamed, interactive fitness video offering that brings boutique quality fitness to members wherever they are.

Customer Benefit

The Bitmovin Video Player provides ClassPass with a fully customizable, dynamic interface allowing real-time metrics, a live leaderboard, heart rate monitor and calorie tracker. The Player’s multi-device capability translates to an efficient development process for the ClassPass team in achieving the goal of a large screen workout experience virtually using Chromecast and large screen desktop screens.

Customer Testimonial

We wanted to create a unique experience that provides detailed information alongside a high-quality video experience. It was essential that we used the very best technology to allow us to do this across a variety of devices. Bitmovin’s Player gives us the flexibility and quality we need to continue to make ClassPass Live the best way to get fit.

Atul Ohri

Head of Engineering

ClassPass Live