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About Znipe.TV

Znipe.TV is a leading esports broadcasting platform that delivers innovative streaming and entertainment products for the 21st century. As part its commitment to providing its audience of over 400 million with high-quality online experiences, Znipe.TV decided to use Bitmovin’s encoder to optimize the speed and agility of its service.

Customer Benefit

Znipe chose Bitmovin’s encoding solution because of its deployment flexibility. As Znipe hosts live e-sports events around the world, they need a flexible encoding solution, which can run in a cloud region close to the event. Also Znipe needed a solution, which could be deployed in different public cloud environments, making it possible to run a fall-back stream with a different cloud provider in case of outages.

Additionally, Znipe needed a scalable solution, which could handle running up to 30 different streams in parallel. Bitmovin Encoding Solution met Znipe’s requirements for deployment flexibility and scalability.

Customer Testimonial

“Bitmovin’s flexible and customizable technology has enabled us to solve one of our unique broadcasting challenges: to seamlessly generate a vast amount of parallel live video feeds and present them to the user in the highest quality, wherever they are in the world. Znipe.TV’s unique technology of broadcasting time-synchronized video stream of multiple angles sets new demand on a transcoder service, which Bitmovin delivers with their fantastic technical roadmap. To achieve the unique Znipe.TV viewing experience, we chose Bitmovin’s encoding to handle the video transcoding so that we can focus on what we do best, providing world-class entertainment for fans globally, live and on demand.”

– Erik Åkerfeldt CEO and co-founder, Znipe.TV


Value driver

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