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The Overview 

Thrive360 provides affordable and effective mental and physical healthcare solutions for all using on-demand clinician developed video for individuals, companies, and business leaders worldwide, focusing on improving well-being by providing a high-quality interactive experience. Looking to expand their offering and enable virtual reality for better immersion, they needed a solution that supported VR technology, playback on a wide range of devices, and analytics to track it all.

The main requests were:

  • VR-enabled encoding
  • Improve the quality of video at lower bitrates
  • Playback on major devices with one player
  • In-depth analytics


  • 50% reduction in encoding and CDN costs with Per-title encoding
  • 30% increase in quality of experience for viewers through a better quality encoding bitrate ladder
  • Bitmovin’s VOD encoder supports VR content, enabling an immersive experience
  • Bitmovin’s Analytics framework provides clear and actionable insights into each streaming instance

How Bitmovin Delivered

Enabling a VR experience through Per-Title encoding

Thrive360 reduced costs related to their storage and CDN by 20% by utilizing Bitmovin’s proprietary Per-Title VOD Encoding for their 2D and 3D VR content, empowering them to deliver an immersive experience to their users in the highest quality worldwide.

Scaling seamlessly with a wider audience reach

With Bitmovin’s solutions and VR capabilities, Thrive360 supports multiple device types for content playback, enabling them to expand their offering from B2B to B2C and allow users to stream content on major devices and platforms. 

Real-time actionable data with in-depth Analytics

By being able to analyze engagement hotspots and any troubleshooting needs with Bitmovin’s Analytics, Thrive360 garnered insight into how companies and single users utilize and experience Thrive360’s content, ensuring they always provide the best QoE and QoS across the board.

Pain Points Bitmovin helped solve

  • Needed an encoding solution that supported VR
  • Storage and CDN costs
  • Needed more analytics insights

Key Benefits

Quality Improvements

  • 50% reduction in encoding and CDN costs with Per-Title encoding
  • 30% increase in quality of experience for viewers
  • VR encoding support

Solution Deployment

  • Fast deployment with expert help
  • Enabled playback on major devices globally
  • Easy setup with clear and actionable insights

Who is Thrive360

Thrive360 recreated and enhanced the in-office therapeutic experience with doctors, therapists, and topic experts using the power of technology. Thrive360 is a medically driven and clinically validated marketplace of practicing professionals addressing life’s issues via mobile app, web, and an immersive, industry-unique Virtual Reality experience. This “professional in your pocket” platform is anonymous, accessible 24/7, and requires no two-way interaction, removing debilitating stigma by providing self-service as the first step. Immersive content, available on Thrive360 and powered by Bitmovin, further amplifies the advantages of privacy, efficacy, and engagement that come with virtual therapy.

“At Thrive360, we leverage our clinician-developed therapeutic content to address life’s issues on demand for those that need it. With Bitmovin’s Player, VOD Encoder, and Analytics, we are now able to expand our offering and provide a more interactive and immersive experience using Bitmovin VR and Playback technology that helps us deliver, monitor and maintain the best quality for our users.”  

— Christy Lamka, Co-founder and COO of Thrive360


Value driver

  • Cost Reduction


  • Health & Fitness


  • North America

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