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Connecting Faith Communities: Bringing Religious Services and Teachings to Global Viewers

The Overview 

This major religious institution has a global reach, with worshippers all over the world. To support their growing congregation and help them continue to expand and reach new parishioners, they needed to have a single Video Player solution that could help them stream video across every device type in the highest quality and enable multiple audio options for multi-language viewing and subtitles if necessary.

The main requests were:

  • Support for every major device type on the market
  • Quick transition and deployment from older solution
  • Player UI & customization capabilities
  • Scalable Video Player
  • Multi-audio and subtitle options
  • High-quality viewing experience with ABR


  • 100+ countries currently streaming religious content in
  • 25% growth in player impressions with expanded reach
  • 10+  Device types and platforms supported

How Bitmovin Delivered

Unlocking Unprecedented Audience Reach: Leveraging Playback Compatibility across Leading Devices

By harnessing Bitmovin’s robust player support for a diverse array of 10+ device types and platforms, this religious organization was able to achieve unparalleled audience reach. Their content could be seamlessly streamed on iOS, Android, Web and Smart TVs, engaging viewers across a wide range of devices.

A Seamless and Scalable Viewing Experience

This major religious organization has grown and streams in over 100 countries, capturing the attention of worshippers globally. Thanks to the Bitmovin Player, our scalable solution ensured consistent, high-quality viewing experiences that captivated users and sustained engagement. 

Quick transition and turnaround time with fast deployment

Transitioning from their previous solution, they were able to deploy the Bitmovin Player swiftly and get going fast with our step-by-step guidance and extensive API documentation. These items, along with our expert support team, helped streamline the process and ensure their launch timeline was met, minimizing delays and optimizing their workflow for efficiency.

Pain Points Bitmovin helped solve

  • Scalability to meet viewer demand
  • More device and platform support to expand user reach
  • Transition quickly from older solution

Key Benefits

Quality Improvements and Solution Deployment

  • 25% increase in video player impressions
  • 100+ countries actively streaming in
  • 40+ languages made available during viewing
  • 60+ million Player impressions utilized
  • 10+ devices and platforms supported


Value driver

  • Viewer Experience


  • Religion & Faith

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