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Austria’s Public Broadcaster Partners with Bitmovin to Broaden Reach with Highest Quality and best Viewer Experience

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) is Austria’s public service broadcaster and its largest national media company. As part of its commitment to delivering a superior viewing experience to its online audience, ORF wanted to optimize its streaming services and allow linear and On Demand, TV programs to be available on as many devices as possible with the highest possible quality. By partnering with Bitmovin for state-of-the-art tools and support, ORF can stream its content with a level of reliability and viewer experience that allows it to adapt to new market conditions and strengthen ORF’s leading position in the Austrian broadcast and video streaming market.

Aspiring for True National Reach

ORF knows that to uphold its commitment to delivering high-quality viewing experiences to its national audience, cutting-edge innovations are needed. ORF identified Bitmovin’s solutions as being the leading technology stack on the market and the most compatible with its needs. Some of the critical outcomes ORF wanted to achieve include:

  • Expanding its reach across new devices.
  • Increasing reach and engagement among new viewers, particularly younger demographics, via their new and preferred devices.
  • Optimizing viewer convenience, empowering them to watch their favorite on any device, anytime and anywhere.
  • Improving viewing experience with a higher quality of experience and enhanced reliability, supported by cutting-edge performance analytics.
  • Accelerating its ability to adapt to new, emerging standards and market conditions.

Bitmovin and ORF: A Match Made in Austria

Like ORF, Bitmovin’s origins began in Austria. ORF was impressed by how Bitmovin had become the global category leader for video streaming infrastructure while still retaining its Austrian roots. ORF then decided to leverage Bitmovin’s technology to help it quickly expand its reach through the rapid deployment of its content to the majority of streaming devices in the market today.

The Bitmovin Player is renowned for delivering streams in the highest quality imaginable to the most extensive range of devices. By using the Bitmovin Player, ORF could leverage industry-leading tools and tech support that would allow it to deliver flawless playback across the broadest range of devices. 

Taking Public Broadcasting to the People

ORF’s purpose is to deliver news, education, culture and entertainment to all Austrians–regardless of wherever within the country they might reside and regardless of how they choose to tune in.

By collaborating closely with Bitmovin’s team to implement the technology needed to improve video streaming performance and quality on a wide array of ORF content– the broadcaster is able to stream its content far and wide to all Austrian audiences.

With Bitmovin, ORF will remain at the forefront of technology, where it can quickly adapt to the new and more sophisticated delivery methods that are prompting viewer expectations and preferences to evolve and diversify.

Benefits of the Working with Bitmovin:

  • Accelerated Time to Market: Bitmovin’s modular player solution enables ORF to quickly deploy and launch content on new devices and operating systems as soon as they become available to consumers. 
  • Redefined Viewer Experience: ORF can stream stunning high-quality video at lower bitrates and with reliable performance on every device.
  • Efficient Real-Time Risk Mitigation: Bitmovin provides ORF with real-time analytics and operational monitoring that identify potential streaming issues, allowing the broadcaster to improve service before the viewer experience is compromised.
  • Outstanding Quality Metrics: Bitmovin’s Analytics also delivers real-time operational monitoring to optimize video and ad workflows based on viewer experiences across all platforms.
  • Use Case Support: ORF leverages Bitmovin across several different properties to support various use cases, underscoring Bitmovin’s flexibility.

Business and Tech Performance Metrics:

Bitmovin Analytics offers benchmarks across different performance metrics to gain industry insights. After collaborating with Bitmovin, ORF can share clear, quantifiable metrics that demonstrate the benefits of the collaboration:

  • Total startup time and video startup time, both important metrics to maximize audience engagement, were 40% and 20%, respectively, faster than most of the competition.
  • Total views across all channels experienced 20% growth YoY
  • Error percentage: 4% lower than industry insights median
  • Improved viewer satisfaction and brand reputation with higher ratings and downloads
- Bitmovin

Customer Quote:

“Our partnership with Bitmovin allows ORF to deliver on its commitment to expanding our service reach while improving the viewer experience across Austria,” said Harald Kräuter, CTO at ORF. “This business collaboration ensures our viewers can enjoy a cutting-edge viewing experience to our audience and fulfil our public broadcasting mission.”


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