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Who is Intigral

Based in Riyadh and Dubai, Intigral is the advertising and media arm of STC and the MENA’s leading provider of digital entertainment and sports and media services via its market-leading solutions, Jawwy TV and Dawri Plus.

The request

Intigral needed a solution that was able to guaranteed a consistent viewer experience across all devices and platforms, while replacing multiple players with one solution and implementing the features they needed such as:

  • Multi-audio
  • Offline download
  • DRM & Watermarking
  • Analytics

How Bitmovin delivered

Consistent playback across every platform with one Player 

Bitmovin’s Player drove faster time to market and an improved quality of experience for viewers on: Web, iOS & Android mobile, Apple & Android TV, WebTV apps 

Scalable and Stable SDKs with in-depth Developer Documentation

Intigral reduced error rates by 20% due to the stability of Bitmovin’s dedicated SDKs, while also using extensive API documentation to scale and meet their needs.

Built-In Player Features & Pre-Integration with major streaming partners

Intigiral enhanced user viewer experience through built-in features such as multi-audio and offline playback and cut development time by 30% with pre-integration for DRM, watermarking and analytics 

Expertise in the Entire Workflow

Bitmovin’s Team provided extensive knowledge and guidance across the entire workflow, helping identify errors and preventing any delays to launching.

The results – Quality, Streamed.

With Bitmovin’s player integrated within Intigral’s applications built by Diagnal, they were able to increase overall quality of experience for their viewer base and impact ROI by:

  • Reducing Player cost by 50%
  • Lower error rates by 20% 
  • Dropping buffering by 5%

Intigral managed to lower Player deployment times by up to 30% due to the extensive documentation and support Bitmovin provided along with the way, making it easy to support and deploy across multiple devices.

Through Bitmovin’s pre-integration with major industry partners, Intigral were able to implement DRM, watermarking, and analytics seamlessly, keeping their content secure and performance tracked while giving users access to offline downloading and other essential viewing features. 
Bitmovin’s comprehensive and scalable Player technology has been an essential part of Intigral’s workflow and improved the quality of experience for its subscribers in all markets.

What do they have to say?

“The Bitmovin Player was our first choice because of its extensive device support that enabled us to reach more viewers through one unified player on every device they stream on while reducing time to market. Bitmovin is a true technology partner with their ongoing advice and technical support, ensuring we’re delivering the best possible streaming experiences to our customers.”

William Sharp, VP of Technology at Intigral


Value driver

  • Viewer Experience


  • EMEA

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