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About CycleMasters  

Based out of the Netherlands, CycleMasters is one of the leading providers in live and on-demand indoor cycling workout videos. They started in 2008 and have since expanded to over 40 countries and 2500 fitness clubs, giving users the ability to engage with their video workouts from home or the gym.

The request  

CycleMasters creates online spinning and indoor cycling workouts based on the philosophy that exercise should be an experience. To support the growth plans and to provide the best user experience, a single Player solution that covered a wide range of devices was crucial, along with features such as:

Request Recap:

  • Player UI & customization capabilities
  • Frame accurate seeking
  • Faster Player load time 
  • High-quality viewing experience


  • 40% Decrease in costs related to Player technology, resulting in a quicker ROI
  • 10+ Device types supported, streaming content from the CycleMasters platform in over 40 countries
  • 30% Higher performance rate with Bitmovin’s Player compared to other options on the market

The Approach and Solution

  • Largest Audience Reach with Playback on All Major Devices
    Streaming content on over 10+ device types and platforms, CycleMasters was able to maximize their audience reach through Bitmovin’s Player support for the widest range of devices and provide seamless Playback on iOS, Android, and over the Web.
  • Scalable and Consistent Viewing Experience
    Expanding to over 40 countries and streaming within 2500 fitness centers, Bitmovin’s Player helped CycleMasters scale efficiently and deliver a consistent, high-quality viewing experience for users to engage with.
  • Extensive API Documentation Ensuring Launch Timeline
    Through step-by-step and extensive API documentation, CycleMasters was able to streamline their deployment of the Bitmovin Player faster across their native applications and platforms.


  • Creating a Netflix-like viewing experience
  • Supporting more devices to expand user reach
  • Customizing player UI to provide unique attributes for every user

Key Benefits

Quality Improvements

  • 40% reduction in Player costs
  • 30% Faster return to playback after seeking
  • 8% Less Player buffering

Solution Deployment

  • 25% Faster deployment
  • 10 Devices supported
  • 40 Countries actively streamed in

“Although every player out there claims to be the fastest and highest quality, from the extensive tests we ran on open source and premium player options, The Bitmovin Player was the clear winner in our case, especially in terms of player load time, seeking and the speed in which the user saw the highest quality video after seeking, helping us deliver the best viewing experience to our users.”

Laurens de Kock, Co-Founder & Managing Director at CycleMasters


Value driver

  • Viewer Experience


  • Health & Fitness


  • EMEA

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