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Bitmovin API

Control your entire video workflow from one easy to use interface

  • Hollywood-/Netflix-grade DRM: Widevine, PlayReady, Marlin and PrimeTime DRM with MPEG-CENC
  • FairPlay DRM with HLS
  • DASH clear key encryption
  • HLS SAMPLE-AES and AES-128 encryption
  • Advanced encoding options for H264/AVC,
  • H265/HEVC and VP9
  • 4K and 60FPS livestreaming
  • Livestreaming with DRM
  • Livestreaming with direct output to S3 and GCS
  • Multi-Cloud: Configure cloud and region for every encoding (AWS, Google), for both, Live and OnDemand
  • Add filters to VoD and live encoding, e.g., watermark
  • Multiple outputs per encoding
  • Direct MP4, MPEG2-TS, etc. output
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Closed captions/subtitles: Add multiple sidecar files to encoding, e.g., WebVTT, SRT, TTML (SMPTE-TT, EBU-TT or DFXP), etc.
  • Support for 608/708 closed captions
  • Extract and embed closed captions and subtitles
  • Add custom metadata to resources
  • Multiple different input files for one encoding (multi-audio or multi-view use cases)
  • Allow separate audio and video input files for encodings
  • Direct pass through for AWS S3 and GCS without storing files
  • Optimized turnaround times for short clips
  • Fragmented MP4 with HLS (MPEG-CENC)
  • Create thumbnails and sprites directly with the encoding

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