Adis Talic

Senior Software Engineer | Player Web

Adis Talic is a Senior Software Engineer at Bitmovin and is a part of the Web Player engineering team helping expand and maintain support for existing and new devices and Player Features. Outside work, Adis is passionate about working on his personal projects, and learning new programming languages and concepts.

PS4 - Bitmovin
Product Updates

Streaming Video on the PlayStation 4 (PS4): Our Approach to Supporting it with the Bitmovin Player

TLDR Let’s get started Over a year and a half ago, we made our first strides into looking at supporting PlayStation gaming consoles. After evaluating both PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation 4 (PS4), we prioritized PS5, pushing PS4 to the back burner with no real intention of touching it. This decision wasn’t just because PS5…

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