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Bitmovin launches new product category, Playback, at IBC 2022

Bitmovin, the industry leader in video streaming infrastructure, launches ‘Playback’ which enables streaming services to deploy, test and optimize at pace and at scale.

San Francisco, August 3rd, 2022 Bitmovin, a leading provider of video streaming infrastructure, has announced a brand new product category, ‘Playback’. Playback brings together  Bitmovin’s player, analytics and stream lab products, and is the next evolution of streaming infrastructure. Playback embeds video playback into mobile, web and big screen applications with automated device testing and optimisations to deliver the highest quality viewing experiences.

Viewers are watching more video, and on more devices, than ever before with the total time spent streaming jumping by 18% from February 2021 to February 20221. Currently, application developers are tasked with optimizing video playback with minimal insights into performance or quality issues. The analytics available to application developers is often limited during development and production, therefore optimization predominantly occurs through a process of trial and error.

“Our goal with Playback is to make it easy for developers to guarantee high quality playback in their applications” said Stefan Lederer, CEO and Co-Founder of Bitmovin. “Developers now need to support playback on tens of devices, with thousands of configuration possibilities. Our solution makes it simple for developers to embed video playback with confidence and ensures that their viewers will get a great experience.”

Bitmovin Playback solves developers’ challenges with an embeddable video player which is pre-tested and optimized for any video streaming device. Once deployed, Playback’s integrated video analytics assess the viewing experience and allows streaming services to optimize playback based on real-world conditions. 

Diagnosing problems, and pushing new configurations (e.g. Digital Rights Management) to viewers is made quicker and more efficient as playback issues and errors are surfaced to developers with automated testing allowing changes to be validated prior to deployment. This fast feedback loop between testing, deploying and optimizing allows developers to elevate the experience they offer viewers and provides them with more time to work on new feature development.

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About Bitmovin

Bitmovin is a leading provider of video infrastructure for global digital media companies and service providers. The company has been at the forefront of industry innovation and all major developments in the digital video streaming industry.  

Bitmovin built the world’s first commercial adaptive streaming player and deployed the first software-defined encoding service that runs on any cloud platform. Its cloud-native technology offers the most flexible and scalable media encoding, playback, and analytics solutions available with unparalleled device reach, ease of integration, and world class customer support. 

Bitmovin customers benefit from optimized operations, reduced time-to-market, and the best viewer experience possible. Bitmovin is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has major offices in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Austria as well as London, Berlin and Denver. The company has over 400 customers across the globe including ClassPass, BBC, fuboTV, Hulu, and Discovery. For more information, visit  

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