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Bitmovin Partners with Vimond for Advanced Encoding Workflows and State of the Art Content Management

Paul Macklin
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video cms - vimond

The volume of content being managed and consumed is an ever increasing number, live video streaming continues to be a key part of video consumption and effective contentment management is essential for every size of business.  In this blog with Paul Macklin (Senior Product Manager for the Bitmovin Live Encoder) we outline and dive into our growing partnership and integration with Vimond. We share the reasons for this exciting partnership, the details of what we have built so far, how it can benefit your setup, where we plan to go next with this and how you can get started today. 

Q:  Paul, thanks for joining us, can you provide an overview of this partnership and integration?

A:  This has been in the works since the latter part of 2022 and was born out of the opportunity to bring Vimond’s enterprise CMS solution alongside our Encoding solutions (Live and VOD). When it comes to offerings and solutions in the market, you could argue that there is a slight limitation in routes for you to take, with many vendors only offering an end-to-end OTT management platform. It was clear from the start that a partnership and integration with Vimond and our Live Encoder solution is a value driver considering the best in class products working easily with each other.

By using the Vimond VIA OTT CMS Platform, you’ll be able to select the Bitmovin workflow/pipeline which provides efficient and advanced transcoding packaging for VOD and Live content. The Vimond CMS Platform offers a comprehensive solution for storing, file management, content organization and the ability to promote, distribute news, sports and entertainment content.

Q:  What does this solution look like today?

A:  As of right now, the proof of concept built by Vimond is up and running and ready, having used our Bitmovin APIs. You are able to start and stop your Live Encoding and manage the necessary metadata attached to the asset, include DRM and utilize our Live-to-VOD workflows. 

Q:  Who is this solution ideal for?

A:  A starting point is the need for a leading-edge CMS solution for your growing video content (Live and On Demand Content). Well established companies who are seeking best in class CMS alongside top-performing encoding and the same goes with growing platforms and  businesses that are looking to provide users an advanced and highest quality user experience rather than going down the rabbit hole of trying to build your own CMS platform. There are many factors to consider and we believe that this partnership is anchored to the following themes:  ease of use, scalability and high value seamless integrations. 

Q:  Can you go into more detail about this partnership being linked to the statement above of “high value seamless integration”?

A:  What we’ve built allows for more flexibility and more options rather than being tied down to an end to end solution. The quality of the Vimond solution speaks for itself, being able to partner and integrate their offering with the Bitmovin solutions makes absolute sense and provides buyers/users with more options that are of the highest standards. 

Q:  What’s the best way to find out more information?

A:  I recommend speaking with our Partnerships Team who can provide plenty of information and also guide you through the process regardless of what your current situation is. The best way to reach them is through our contact form and check out the Vimond website too for more details.

Paul Macklin

Paul Macklin

Sr. Product Manager | Live Encoding

Paul Macklin is the Senior Product Manager for the Bitmovin Live Encoder. An experienced product professional and specialist with video and SaaS products. With a background in broadcast engineering, he has worked in solutions architect roles as a customer and has extensive experience in pre-sales roles with suppliers. He has worked with live media content throughout his career. Paul focuses on developing Bitmovin's live streaming capabilities and ensuring better viewer experiences during live playback.

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