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Bitmovin Player Version 7
Product Updates

Bitmovin HTML5 Player v7: 360° playback with HLS on iOS, server side ads, custom adaptation, new skin and more

Experience HLS Live and VoD 360º playback on all devices and monetize your content more efficiently with server side ad insertion, in Bitmovin’s 7th major player release. A new skin with new possibilities for customization, improved performance and the possibility to apply custom adaptation decisions, make our HTML5 Player version 7 faster and more versatile than…

MPEG-VR on ring to rule them all

MPEG-VR: One Ring to Rule Them

Virtual Reality (VR) has gained a lot of momentum recently which has called standards development organizations (SDOs) into action including the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). In this post we’d like to highlight the current status of this development, what MPEG is doing and what else is going on in this (not so) new and…

HTML5 Player version 6
Product Updates

Bitmovin Player Version 6.0 is Lighter & Faster with Interactive Ads & Cross-Platform VR

In our latest major release of the Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player we have introduced interactive video ads using VPAID 2.0, enhanced our VR and 360° video support to cover all major browsers and further improved performance relating to startup and switching times. Interactive Advertising with VPAID 2.0 Besides conventional playback, handling of advertisements is one of the most…

Bandwidth Efficiency and Fragmented MP4 Support
Product Updates

Bandwidth Efficiency & Fragmented MP4 for HLS in Player Version 5.1

Player version 5.1 uses available bandwidth more efficiently, providing better quality video and increased user experience. New Adaptation Logic for Faster Startup and Optimised Bandwidth Utilisation The main job of an adaptive streaming player is to ensure that the video plays at the highest possible quality. As bandwidth conditions change, the player needs to adjust the…

11 things you HTML5 Player must have

11 Things Your HTML5 Web Player Must Have!

The online video industry is enjoying a massive boom, but as demand for content is increasing, so too is the demand for quality and accessibility. Users expect video wherever they are, whenever they feel like it and on whichever device they happen to be using at the time. The Video Player is one of the…

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WWDC16: HLS Supports Fragmented MP4 – and Becomes MPEG-DASH Compatible!

Apple introduces fragmented MP4 in HLS – a small step for Apple but a huge step for video streaming services HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is a very important part of our service, (as you can see from our latest HTML5 Player release) so when we heard the news from WWDC16, that Apple’s HLS protocol will be extended to support…

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