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Partner Highlight: Streamroot and Bitmovin bring audiences an impeccable streaming experience

Shilpa Murthy
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At Streamroot, ensuring compatibility and forging ties with innovative players throughout the video distribution chain are top priorities. We’d therefore like to take the time today to highlight our technology partnership, and the plug-and-play integration our teams have ensured between the Bitmovin Player, Streamroot DNA™ and Compass.
Aiming to promote quality through cutting-edge technology, Bitmovin and Streamroot both believe in using innovation to rise to the challenges our industry faces. Bitmovin has long put innovation first, leading the establishment of standards such as MPEG-DASH and more recently AV1. Streamroot meanwhile actively contributes to important open-source projects, as well as to the work of prominent organizations including the DASH Industry Forum and the Streaming Video Alliance.
Our respective solutions reflect this commitment.

Bitmovin Player and Streamroot Delivery: A quality-first approach

The Bitmovin Player aims to deliver premium, broadcast quality video across any screen and network. The feature-rich and modular video player comes with a patented ABR logic, a wide range of DRM and Advertising features, and customizable Buffer and Network APIs and interface for tailor-made QoE. It is used by major broadcasters and online video platforms around the world including Periscope, Sling and Ooyala.
Alongside a video player with a particular eye to quality, Streamroot’s player-side delivery technologies are a natural choice. Streamroot solutions promote the highest viewer QoE by intelligently multisourcing content delivery.
Video platforms using Bitmovin Player can easily add Streamroot DNA™ peer-to-peer technology to their delivery infrastructure to vastly increase their capacity and naturally scale to growing audiences and traffic spikes. Streamroot DNA™ powers over 20 million video sessions every day with premier broadcasters, making it the largest mesh network delivery technology on the market and a powerful tool for increasing reliability and quality for viewers.
In addition, broadcasters using multiple CDNs can add Streamroot’s state-of-the-art multi-CDN load balancer, Compass, to their Bitmovin Player. The Compass client-side CDN selector is the only solution on the market that uses real QoS feedback from the individual device in its switching decisions. Interacting directly with the video player, Compass can seamlessly direct segment requests to a different CDN midstream if a bandwidth issue is detected — without the viewer having to refresh the page. This provides greater redundancy and an extra layer of quality assurance, all at the player level.

Getting Started with Streamroot and Bitmovin

This partnership is a winning combination for OTT platforms seeking a fast, lightweight playback solution and effortlessly scalable & reliable video delivery. We have therefore made using our solutions together extremely simple: both Streamroot DNA™ and Compass can be integrated into your Bitmovin Player in just a few lines of code.  
To see just how simple it is, refer to the Streamroot documentation for more information about how to get up and running with Streamroot and Bitmovin Player.
If you’re heading to Vegas for NAB, don’t miss our joint demo at the Bitmovin booth SU9110 on Tuesday, April 9 at 11:30 am, or book a meeting with us to hear more about our solutions.
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Shilpa Murthy

Shilpa Murthy

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