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Reach Millions of Users with Dedicated PlayStation 5 Player Support

playstation 5 player support - Bitmovin

In Q3, we’ve recently had some big news regarding the Bitmovin Player and how we now officially have dedicated PlayStation 5 player support streaming Playback. To go into more detail on what this means and why this is important, we sat down with Jacob Arends, an Associate Product Manager at Bitmovin, and asked him the top 5 questions about it. 

Along with our new React Native SDK and Player Wizard which has simplified the process of deploying/embedding the player into web environments on Smart TVs and other devices, he has put a big effort into making the PlayStation 5 coverage a reality. This is crucial as it will enable some of the major brands in streaming that are looking to utilize Bitmovin’s industry-leading Player in their workflow to take advantage of the millions of eyeballs that are glued to their screens while they use the PS5 each month.

Let’s jump in and get down to the nitty-gritty.

Q1. We have recently launched our dedicated PlayStation 5 player support. Can you tell us about what has been released?


That’s right, we’re very excited to announce that we now support PlayStation 5 (PS5), considering the importance and growing scale that game consoles continue to bring.  They represent a huge amount of reach within the market.  In June this year, a reported 20 million PlayStation 5 devices were sold, with 70% of those across AMER & EUR, which means OTT services adding this to their device coverage unlock the potential for millions of new impressions. 

Q2. Considering the bigger picture, how do you see companies being able to take advantage of this new functionality?


With Bitmovin’s Player having dedicated coverage for PlayStation 5, it gives clients the ability to add the game console to their supported devices and ensure a unified experience for their viewers as they stream with Bitmovin on other devices like SmartTVs and other consoles. With PlayStation 5’s capabilities, companies will be able to stream up to 4K, which has been a capability of our player for quite some time with its ability to stream in 8K.

Q3. Who do you see this being useful for?


Having the ability to stream over PS5 will be a must-have for companies in the coming year as they look to take advantage of its large user base. I see major brands and growing companies in OTT, social media, film and TV studios, and gaming taking the steps to stream their video content over the platform. You could think of it like this: if you’re already running across Smart TVs, then this is an additional device for you to be able to make use of that is highly scalable and If you’re already using our Web SDK, you’re ready to deliver on PS5 devices.  Additionally, with Sony’s goal of creating a robust media and entertainment ecosystem on their platform, media services will have a dedicated area to showcase their offerings and our Player can now streamline deployment, helping brands get to market quicker.

Q4. What’s the best way to get started today?


Sure, the easiest way to get up and running is to have a read of this guide and get familiar with these release notes

Q5. Thanks for the time and insight, Jacob, we’re looking forward to speaking with you again to hear more about how things are developing.  Any final thoughts for us?


Definitely! PS5 is one of the next battlegrounds for streaming services to get eyeballs on their content, so time to market will be imperative. Our free trial gives companies access to Bitmovin’s complete Player, especially our unique feature, Stream Lab, that enables companies to test their stream on real devices like game consoles before putting resources towards supporting them.

Adam Massaro is the Product Marketing Manager at Bitmovin, focusing on everything related to the Bitmovin Player and the Streams products. He’s been in the industry for over six years and drives Go To Market efforts across the Player, Streams, and many more of our solutions.

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