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API Update – Closed Captioning, Video with Multiple Audio Tracks and More

Martin Smole
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closed captioning and more in the latest API release

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is the process of adding text to to video files allowing the user to read along with the audio. This is usually employed to assist hearing impaired viewers, but also has other applications. Closed captioning is an important part of delivering online video and Bitmovin’s API is fully capable of managing your CC needs. Contact us for more information.
After introducing our new developer section for the Bitmovin encoding API we have received a lot of great feedback from our customers. The integration of our encoding service with their system works flawlessly using one of our API clients available in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP and Node.js. Each client is available open source on Github.

Bitmovin Encoding Service API – New Features with Examples

In the last couple of weeks we have enabled some really great features available via our API. Here is a list with links to a full example in our PHP API client:

Beside the examples in our PHP API client, there are also examples available for our other API clients. They can be used as a skeleton to test and integrate the feature into your systems easily. Let us know how you like our new features!

Try the Bitmovin Encoding Service for free

If you want to encode MPEG-DASH and HLS content with these new features, you can use our Bitmovin encoding service that offers a free plan with 2.5GB encoding output per month. That’s great for testing and playing around with those new features!

Martin Smole

Martin Smole

Senior Engineering Director

Martin is responsible for the development and operation of the Bitmovin Encoding products for VOD and Live. His teams work to enable complex video encoding workflows for global premium media and technology companies like Red Bull Media House or the New York Times. He also manages collaborations with research partners like ATHENA to constantly incorporate new innovations to Bitmovins products.

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