The Bitmovin API

A simple interface to control every component in your video workflow

The Bitmovin Video Encoding API

Bitmovin’s Video Infrastructure API

Bitmovin has a strong history of customer driven product development, which ensures that our road map leads to a better feature set for our users. The Bitmovin API has evolved through a developer first approach which has helped us to create a product that is both easy to integrate, and easy to expand, creating flexible solutions that can meet your business needs.

Bitmovin API Feature Overview

The Bitmovin API enables a lot of new encoding use cases. We have highlighted many of them here:

  • Hollywood-/Netflix-grade DRM: Widevine, PlayReady, Marlin and PrimeTime DRM with MPEG-CENC
  • Fairplay DRM with HLS
  • DASH Clear Key encryption
  • HLS Sample AES and AES-128 encryption
  • Advanced Encoding Options for H264/AVC
  • Advanced Encoding Options for H265/HEVC
  • 4K and 60FPS Livestreaming
  • Livestreaming with DRM
  • Livestreaming with direct output to S3 and GCS
  • Multi-Cloud: Configure cloud and region for every encoding (AWS, Google), for both, Live and OnDemand
  • Add filters to VoD and live encoding, e.g., watermark
  • Multiple outputs per encoding
  • Direct MP4, MPEG2-TS, etc. output
  • Multi tenant support
  • Closed Captions/Subtitles: Add multiple sidecar files to encoding, e.g., WebVTT, SRT, TTML (SMPTE-TT, EBU-TT or DFXP), etc.
  • Support for 608/708 closed captions
  • Extract and embed closed captions and subtitles
  • Add custom metadata to resources
  • Multiple different input files for one encoding (multi-audio or multi-view use cases)
  • Allow separate audio and video input files for encodings
  • Direct pass through for AWS S3 and GCS without storing files
  • Optimized turnaround times for short clips
  • Fragmented MP4 with HLS (MPEG-CENC)
  • Create thumbnails and sprites directly with the encoding

Infrastructure workflow from the Bitmovin video API


The Bitmovin API offers a comprehensive video infrastructure solution. It integrates all of the 6 main components of adaptive streaming video into one interface, giving you complete control over the entire video workflow.

For the majority of online video providers, the typical workflow includes 6 steps: Input, Encoding, Storage, CDN, Playback and Analytics, and all of these components are integrated into one interface in the Bitmovin API. This workflow has evolved to deal with the fact that to provide a high quality user experience, videos can not just be simply uploaded to the web. To ensure smooth playback on every device, each video needs to be encoded into adaptive streaming format, often encrypted with some form of content protection (DRM), distributed through a global content delivery network and finally played on an HTML5 Player that can handle the video files, adaption and encryption on every browser and every device.

  • Input – automate the process of delivering files from your storage to the encoder
  • Encoding – control the encoding process and create adaptive packages to fit your customer profiles
  • Storage – automate and control the transfer of encoded files to your storage
  • CDN – stream your video to any screen in the world through a content delivery network
  • Playback – control all aspect of your player
  • Analytics – view, organize and even design your own analytics reporting system to see exactly how your video infrastructure performs at every step of the workflow

Up until now, most commercial online video solutions are built using a variety of systems, from a variety of different software providers, which often makes integration a major part of the setup and maintenance process. By integrating everything into one API, Bitmovin has paved the way to a simplified solution.

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