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Optimal Adaptive Streaming Formats MPEG-DASH & HLS Segment Length

One of the first questions when starting with adaptive streaming formats such as MPEG-DASH or HLS is how long do you generate the used media segments of the content. The segmentation of the content is necessary, as this enables the switching between the different video/audio qualities during the streaming session. The following figure gives a short…

Video bitrates for streaming

Choosing the Right Video Bitrate for Streaming HLS and DASH

Video Bitrates for Streaming Choosing an appropriate streaming bitrate for a specific resolution, while maintaining an acceptable visual quality is not always that easy. The decision depends heavily on the content, e.g., motion, resolution, video bitrate, frame-rate etc. In adaptive streaming systems like MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)…

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WWDC16: HLS Supports Fragmented MP4 – and Becomes MPEG-DASH Compatible!

Apple introduces fragmented MP4 in HLS – a small step for Apple but a huge step for video streaming services HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is a very important part of our service, (as you can see from our latest HTML5 Player release) so when we heard the news from WWDC16, that Apple’s HLS protocol will be extended to support…

Quality of Experience for MPEG-DASH

QoE with High Definition Video Through Adaptive Streaming with MPEG-DASH – 3

This is the third and final part of our series on high quality video streaming where we discuss the results of our experiments, our findings and conclusions that can be drawn from the data, particularly in relation to adaptive streaming with MPEG-DASH. Experimental Results The average media throughput in terms of bitrate [kbps] is shown in Figure 3….

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Product Updates

HLS Player – HTML5/JS HLS Playback and Improved VR Support

The new Bitmovin adaptive streaming player release v4.3 enables HTML5/JS based HLS playback without the need for plugins like Flash or Silverlight An HLS Player without Plugins Within our brand new version 4.3 player release, we have added the support for native HTML5/JS based HLS playback and enabled the usage of persistent poster images, making the Bitmovin…

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High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) or H.265 is a compression standard that doubles the compression efficiency while maintaining similar or same video quality compared to its predecessor H.264/AVC High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) or H.265 is a compression standard that was jointly developed by ISO/IEC MPEG SC29/WG11 and the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG)….

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