Adaptive HTML Player for MPEG-DASH and HLS

An intelligent and intuitive Adaptive HTML5 Video Player

Bitmovin adaptive streaming

The Bitmovin player streams high quality, encoded video files with fast start up and no buffering. To see more examples of Bitmovin’s encoding service and HTML5 player working together, visit the demo section.

DRM Protection – Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems provide you the ability to control how people can consume your content. DRM is vital for a scalable video infrastructure.

HTML5 Player, dash player, html5 hls - Bitmovin

Capture your audience with the Highest Quality Video

The Bitmovin Player streams HLS and MPEG-DASH which is the same technology used by all the major video providers.

VR and 360° Playback

Play Virtual reality and 360° video on any device using the Bitmovin HTML5 Player. Patented adaptive technology ensures maximum quality with no buffering!

HTML5 Player, dash player, html5 hls - Bitmovin

Realtime Analytics on a massive scale

The Bitmovin analytics system can track millions of users in real time, delivering actionable data that can be fed directly back into your encoding ladder to optimise your workflow.


Play MPEG-DASH & HLS Native in HTML5



Video Ad Support for all Major Ad Servers



Fully Documented and Supported API


Bitmovin Player with fast start up and no buffering

Faster Start Up, No Plugins and No Buffering



Virtual Reality and 360° Video Ready


Easy uinstallation and great support for our HTML5 Player

Easy Installation and Configuration