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Bitmovin was founded in 2013 by Stefan Lederer, Christopher Müller and Christian Timmerer, who co-founded the MPEG-DASH video standard, and brought the worlds first commercial HTML5 MPEG-DASH player into production. Since then we have quickly established ourselves as a technology leader in the world of online video by developing the markets fastest API driven Cloud-based Video Encoding Service and an HTML5 Player for MPEG-DASH and HLS that allows adaptive content to be played on any device, in any browser without buffering.

Bitmovin’s agile process and customer driven development road map has seen us integrate solutions into our products that allow the easy integration of Advertising, DRM, Multi-language and much, much more, keeping our products at the forefront of online video infrastructure.

Bitmovin, Inc. is based in San Francisco, CA, USA and Klagenfurt, Austria and privately owned. Our investors include Atomico, Dawn Capital, YCombinator (YC S15), SpeedInvest and Constantia Industries.

Meet the Team!

Stefan Lederer, Bitmovin
Stefan Lederer
CEO & Co-Founder

Christopher Mueller, BitmovinChristopher Mueller
CTO & Co-Founder

Christian Timmerer, BitmovinChristian Timmerer
CIO & Co-Founder

Sean Longworth, Bitmovin
Sean Longworth
Chief Revenue Officer

Gerald Zankl, Bitmovin
Gerald Zankl
Director of Business Development

Daniel Weinberger, BitmovinDaniel Weinberger
Product Manager – Player

Martin Smole, Bitmovin
Martin Smole
Product Manager – Encoding

Reinhard Grandl, Bitmovin
Reinhard Grandl
Solutions Architect

Christine GenovaChristine Genova
Director of Business Development, US

Albert-Jan TebbeAlbert-Jan Tebbe
Enterprise Sales EMEA

Alexander Kopper, BitmovinAlexander Kopper
Software Engineer Services

Andreas Rudich, BitmovinAndreas Rudich
Cloud Operations Engineer

Armin Trattnig, Bitmovin Armin Trattnig
SW Engineer – Encoding

Christian Molden, Bitmovin Christian Molden
Business Intelligence

Daniel Hoelbling-Inzko, BitmovinDaniel Hoelbling-Inzko
Senior SW Engineer

David Moser, BitmovinDavid Moser
SW Engineer – Live Streaming

David Moser, BitmovinDavid Rhodus
Solutions Architect

Dominic Miglar, Bitmovin
Dominic Miglar
SW Engineer – Encoding

Dominic Weinberger, BitmovinDominic Weinberger
Cloud Operations Engineer

Dragan Marjanovic, Bitmovin
Dragan Marjanovic
Product Specialist

Roland Kersche Bitmovin
Roland Kersche
Senior SW Engineer – Encoding

Ferdi SW Engineer - Encoding
Ferdinand Köppen
SW Engineer – Encoding

Gernot Zwantschko, Bitmovin
Gernot Zwantschko
Product Resident Expert

James Yeh, Bitmovin
James Yeh
Solutions Architect

Jameson Steiner, Bitmovin
Jameson Steiner
SW Engineer – Ads

Kerstin Zins, Bitmovin
Kerstin Zins
Office Assistant

Ludovic Michaud, Bitmovin
Ludovic Michaud
Solutions Architect

Lukas Kröpfl, Bitmovin
Lukas Kröpfl
SW Engineer – Infrastructure

Markus Jenul Business Development
Markus Jenul
Business Development

Mario Graf, Bitmovin
Mario Graf
SW Engineer – Player

Mario Guggenberger, Bitmovin
Mario Guggenberger
Senior SW Engineer

Martin Fillafer, Bitmovin
Martin Fillafer
QA Engineer

Nilkas Florian, Bitmovin
Niklas Florian
Marketing Specialist

Sarah Feldkircher, Bitmovin
Sarah Feldkircher
Office Manager & Accountant

Tristan Boyd, Bitmovin
Tristan Boyd
Marketing Manager

Victoria Gabauer, Bitmovin
Victoria Gabauer
Product Specialist

Wolfram Hofmeister, Bitmovin
Wolfram Hofmeister
SW Engineer – VR

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Y Combinator investment in BitmovinSpeedinvest investment in Bitmovin Constantina Industries investment in BitmovinATOMICO investment in Bitmovin

Dawn Capital investment in Bitmovin

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