Multi Language & Multi Audio

Multi Language & Multi Audio: This demonstration shows the multi language and audio options available with the Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming player

Multi audio tracks

Bitmovin supports multiple audio/language tracks, without the need of duplication or repackaging the video, either for live or on-demand content. Due to the flexibility of DASH, content publishers can easily provide multiple language tracks for video assets, where our players support multi-bitrate audio tracks also in multi-language scenarios. bitdash further includes functionalities that allows viewers to instantaneously switch to an alternate audio track either before or during playback.

Bitmovin also supports subtitles and closed captions. Switching during playback of the video to different subtitles is possible. The subtitles are fully separated from the original video files.

Using the multi language controls

HTML5 video multiple audio tracks multi audio

Step 1. Open the settings menu of of the HTML5 Player using the gear icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 2. Select your preffered audio language.

Key features

  • The Bitmovin Player supports multiple audio tracks and different languages
  • Realtime switching of languages and different audio tracks without reloads
  • Reduce your storage costs with separate stored audio and video files
  • The Bitmovin Player’s efficient storage layout can save you two-thirds on storage costs, compared to traditional RTMP streaming solutions. Due to the flexible nature of MPEG-DASH, different content types (e.g. audio, video or subtitles) can be stored independently from each other, which results into a tremendous decrease on storage needs for your service

HTML5 video multiple audio tracks

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