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In-market at warp speed

Today more than ever it’s imperative that companies bring their products, services and content to market as soon as possible to capture a share of the evolving landscape.

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Be, and stay, ahead of the competition

It’s true when they say “content is king”. Making this content readily available faster gives companies a huge competitive advantage. Bitmovin’s encoding solutions offers content owners almost instant turnaround time, delivering content in the highest quality available in market today. Being cloud-based, video workflows can be scaled horizontally further improving efficiencies.

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Multi-device strategy is the new black

The OTT video market is very dynamic, complex and fragmented. New formats, codecs, and devices appear rapidly and on a seemingly constant basis. Companies that show the ability to flex and move with the speed of new devices coming on the scene will be the ones to succeed.


Keep your subscriber base happy

Competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer by the minute. Seemingly every week a new service or platform launches promising the latest shiny toy to dangle in front of potential subscribers. And this trend is expected to continue. Content owners that want to get their service to market faster need Bitmovin as their video partner to ensure that content is delivered in the highest quality in the shortest amount of time.

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“We integrated a new transcoding service from Bitmovin into our workflow that dramatically speeds up the delivery of content to iPlayer. Last year, for example, fans of Strictly Come Dancing had to wait hours after broadcast for the show to appear on some platforms: it took over 2 hours to transcode each episode. This year, we reduced that time to just 10 minutes by splitting the programme into small chunks and processing them in parallel. This is just one of several transcoding services we use to optimise our media transcode function for different scenarios.”
Neil Craig Lead Technical Architect, BBC
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