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Test your Browser

After a couple of years of slow adoption of the HTML5 and in particular the HTML5 MSE/EME by browsers, we now see a majority of them supporting it. To check if your browser is equipped with the MSE/EME, we prepared capability checker for you. It runs a test on your browser and provides useful information about the availability of the MSE/EME and supported Codecs and DRM solutions. You can see the results below.

Media Source Extension – MSE

MSE is ? by your current browser.

Encrypted Media Extension – EME

EME is ? by your current browser.

Detailed Support Matrices

Adaptive Streaming Formats

DeviceDASH HTML5DASH FlashDASH NativeHLS FlashHLS native
Chrome (≥ v30)tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2
Chrome (< v30)tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2
Safari (≥ v8)tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2
Safari (< v8) tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2
Firefox (≥ v42)tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2
Firefox (< v42) tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2
IE 11 on Windows 8tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2
IE (< v11) tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2
Edgetick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2
HbbTV (≥ v1.5) tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2
HbbTV (< v1.5) tick_green_sm2
ChromeCast tick_green_sm2
Apple TV tick_green_sm2
Android ≥ v4.0
with Chrome
Android ≥ v4.1
with ExoPlayer
tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2
Windows Phone 8tick_green_sm2
iOS tick_green_sm2

Audio & Video Codecs

Chrome on Desktop4+25+25+4+12+4+33+
Firefox on Desktop22+20+28+22+22+20+20+
IE on Windows9+9+9+
Opera on Windows25+11+16+15+11+12+
Safari on OS X3+3+3+
Firefox on OS X35+35+35+
Chrome on Android30+30+30+30+30+
Stock Browser of Android2.3+4.0+2.3+2.3+2.3+
Firefox on Android20+20+28+20+20+20+
Safari on iOS3+3+3+
IE on Windows Phone7.5+7.5+7.5+

MediaSource API

BrowserMSESupported MediaEMESupported Key Systems
Chrome on Desktop34+mp4, webm34+clearkey, widevine
Firefox on Desktop42+mp442+clearkey, primetime
IE on Windows11+1mp4, ts11+1clearkey, playready
Edge12+mp4, ts12+clearkey, playready
Opera on Desktop15+mp4, webm31+clearkey, widevine
Safari on OS X8+mp4, ts8+fairplay
Chrome on Android34+mp4, webm34+clearkey, widevine
IE on Windows Phone8.1+mp48.1+2
  • 1 support for IE 11 only on Windows 8
  • 2 apparently no key system supported


Chrome (35+) tick_green_sm2
Firefox (42+ on Windows) tick_green_sm2
IE (11+ on Windows 8.1+) tick_green_sm2
Edge tick_green_sm2
Opera (31+) tick_green_sm2
Safari (8+ on OS X) tick_green_sm2
Android (3+) tick_green_sm2
Android (4.3+) tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2
iOS (6+) tick_green_sm2
Windows Phonetick_green_sm2
Set-top Boxes
Chromecast tick_green_sm2tick_green_sm2
Android TV tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2
Apple TV tick_green_sm2
HbbTV 1.5+ tick_green_sm2
Samsung Smart TVs (2011+ models)tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2
Smart TV Alliance (most models) tick_green_sm2 tick_green_sm2
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