VR & 360° HTML5 Player

VR & 360° in HTML5: This demo shows the Bitmovin HTML5 Player displaying a 360° video with VR. The controls include 360° – 2D, 3D, 2D stereo and 3D stereo, as well as resolution settings.

HTML5 VR and 360° Adaptive Video Streaming

The Bitmovin adaptive HTML5 video player is an ideal solution for 360° and VR playback for a number of reasons. If you are developing a 360° app or platform, then you are probably already aware of the challenges involved in streaming immersive video due to the extra size of the files. This makes the quality of your adaption logic of paramount importance. The patented technology in the Bitmovin HTML5 player puts it a few steps ahead of it’s nearest competitor.

For more information on VR and 360° video read: VR and 360° Video from Encoding to Playout

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