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Digital Rights Management

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How does DRM work - Digital Rights Management

What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a digital license system that allows content creators and distributors to control who can use their content, and how they can use it. To protect content with DRM, each video is encrypted with media keys during the encoding stage. The digital license can then be authenticated to allow or disallow playback from the end users computer via the video player. What is DRM and how does DRM work?

DRM Whitepaper

The State of the Web 2018: DRM Whitepaper is a comprehensive explanation of Digital Rights Management giving you everything you need to build your DRM or Multi-DRM system, encoding inputs through to HTML5 playback.
DRM Providers | irdeto- ExpressPlay - BUYDRM - EZDRM - Verimatrix - conax drm

Proven DRM solutions

Our API has fully tested integrations with all major DRM providers, like Irdeto, ExpressPlay, BuyDRM, EZDRM, Verimatrix and Conax. Customers use the Bitmovin Video APIs to build flexible and customizable workflows for DRM-protected video with maximum device and browser coverage.

“Bitmovin brings a really strong technical background & expertise in DASH.”

Mick O’Doherty Technical Solutions Irdeto
Download the Bitmovin Digital Rights Management (DRM) Whitepaper
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