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Player Android / AndroidTV Release 3.6.0





  • PlaybackConfig.audioFilter and PlaybackConfig.videoFilter that can be set to a new MediaFilter to specify how strictly potentially unsupported media tracks and qualities are filtered out of a playback session.
  • TweaksConfig.devicesThatRequireSurfaceWorkaround to workaround a potential problem with some device's Surface implementation.
  • Cue.verticalType to represent the vertical orientation of a cue


  • Subtitles being rendered off-screen when using the Bitmovin Player Web UI

Known Issues

  • Media tracks and qualities that are definitely not supported during a playback session are now filtered out by default, meaning that they will not be exposed via Player.availableAudio, Player.availableAudioQualities and Player.availableVideoQualities. PlaybackConfig.audioFilter and PlaybackConfig.videoFilter can be set to a different MediaFilter to make the filtering more strict or to not filter at all
  • Paddings and font sizes in the Web UI are slightly adjusted

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