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Learn how to create, start, manage and modify Analyticss

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Latest Articles

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Player / ArticlesTue May 10 2022

WebVTT based thumbnails

Description of WebVTT based thumbnail format.

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Player / ArticlesTue Apr 26 2022

Bitmovin Player CAF support

This article explains how to setup Google CAF (Casting Application Framework) with the Bitmovin player on compatible platforms: Web, Android and iOS

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Player / FAQsTue Apr 12 2022

Why does the Network API not work in Safari?

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Encoding / ArticlesTue Apr 05 2022

Bitmovin CDN Output (Beta)

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Player / TutorialsThu Mar 24 2022

Streaming DRM protected content with Bitmovin Player Web SDK

As DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected content can be often crucial for certain streaming infrastructures, this tutorial is made to help you get started with Bitmovin Player Web SDK DRM setup as soon as possible.

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Player / TutorialsTue Mar 22 2022

Getting started with the web player on LG webOS

Basic example for getting the web player running on a LG webOS TV.

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Analytics / FAQsThu Mar 17 2022

Why do I see a maximum of 50 quality switches within an hour in a session?

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Analytics / FAQsWed Mar 16 2022

Is there a sandbox environment to test Bitmovin Analytics?

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Encoding / TutorialsMon Mar 14 2022

Contribution Encoder: OBS Studio Example

This tutorial shows how to use OBS Studio as a Contribution Encoder to send live streams to Bitmovin Encoder.

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Player / FAQsFri Mar 11 2022

Why is my DRM stream only working on real, physical devices?

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