Plattform & Cross Browser Support

This page lists the officially supported devices, browsers and multimedia formats of the Bitmovin HTML5 based Web, native iOS and native Android SDKs. This playback renderers are abstracted by an unified JavaScript API that allows configuration, independent on the used playback renderer (HTML5, iOS, or Android). More information on playback of protected content across platforms and browsers can be found in our DRM Support Overview section.

Desktop Browser Support

Chrome 1 1
Firefox 2 2
Internet Explorer 9+ 3 3
Microsoft Edge
Safari 4 4
Opera 5 5

All features of the Bitmovin HTML5 Player for Web are available on these browsers. We utilize the browser internal video and audio decoding capabilities (using the MSE and EME interface). Therefore we support the codecs (video and audio) that the individual browsers support. Codec support various across browsers, but H.264/AVC video and AAC audio tend to be supported by all major vendors.

1 Supported since Chrome version 30+
2 Supported since Firefox version 42+
3 Supported since IE 11 (Windows 8+ only)
4 Supported since Safari version 8+
5 Supported since Opera version 15+

Mobile, TVs & Streaming Devices

DeviceDASH Web basedDASH Native SDKHLS Web basedHLS Native SDK


DeviceDASH Web basedDASH Native SDKHLS Web basedHLS Native SDK
Apple TV33via Airplay
Amazon FireTV
Android TV
LG TVs 7
Samsung TVs 8

Bitmovin’s Web based and native SDKs share a unified UI, configuration and API which ensures a consistent presentation and user experience across all devices and platforms. In contrast to desktop browsers, ‘Autoplay’ works only when muted on mobile browsers, due to a restriction from the Operating Systems.

1 Supported on Chrome and Firefox for Android 4.0+
2 Supported on Android 4.1+
3 Prohibited by a restriction from Apple
4 Supported on iOS 3+
5 Supported on iOS 8+
6 Supported on Windows Phone 8+
7 Supported on LG TVs 2016+
8 Supported on Samsung TVs 2016+

restricted by platform
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