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Player Web Release 8.56.0





  • Passing on withCredentials flags from SourceConfig and DRMConfig to CAF receiver for cookie/credentials support
  • UI: Support for Mobile V3 PlayerError and SourceError events


  • Playback on Tizen freezing when time shifting backwards
  • Playback ocassionaly not starting, mostly observed with low latency streams
  • WebOS buffer levels not correct on discontinuity changes
  • Downloaded fragmented subtitles from the beginning even when the user has seeked later in the content
  • Uncaught exceptions when playing HLS with fragmented WebVTT subtitles
  • Uncaught exceptions after manifest updates
  • UI: Controls' focus highlighting is shown in case of non-keyboard interaction on some browsers/platforms
  • UI: TouchEvent error in seekbar controls when using the mouse on a touchscreen Windows device and IE/UWP

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