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Player iOS / tvOS Release 3.31.0





  • Player.sharePlay namespace to control SharePlay related features. SharePlay allows synchronized group playback between participants that are on a FaceTime call together. Learn more about SharePlay in our tutorial. A SharePlay sample application can be found in our sample repository. The Player.sharePlay namespace offers the following APIs:
    • coordinate(with groupSession:) lets the player join the groupSession to allow group playback
    • isInGroupSession describes whether the player is currently participating in group playback
    • beginSuspension(for suspensionReason:) starts a suspension. The player is not participating in group playback while the suspension is active
    • endSuspension(_ suspension:) and endSuspension(_ suspension:, proposingNewTime newTime:) ends the suspension and optionally proposes a new time that every participant should seek to
    • isSuspended describes whether the player is currently suspended and not able to participate in group playback
    • suspensionReasons describes why the player is currently not able to participate in group playback
  • NetworkConfig.retryHttpRequest callback that can be used to implement a custom retry logic for failed HLS playlist requests


  • Potential crash when hitting play on the System UI when no Source is currently loaded

Known Issues

Missing features and known limitations for the SharePlay feature:

  • Trick play (slow/fast-forward and rewind) is not supported
  • Synchronized ad playback and ad break management is not supported
  • Casting is not supported
  • Playlists are not supported
  • Scrubbing suspensions when using Bitmovin UI are not supported
  • System UI is not supported
  • AirPlay and Picture in Picture (PiP) are not fully supported. Playback changes done with the AirPlay receiver or PiP mini player are not synchronized with the group. Playback changes done on the AirPlay sender device are working as expected

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